Posted by: watchmancinema | August 8, 2010

So it begins…

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the absence – we were trying to upload pics from our last trip to D.C., but for some reason they would only work on Facebook, and not WordPress. So, go check out our FB page if you want to see 5 AMAZINGLY AWESOME pictures (er, slightly exaggerated).

Well, tomorrow morning The Child Film Crew departs for a 3 week journey around the eastern half of the U.S.!

We plan to pass through 17 states, capturing an unknown number of interviews (since about half are yet to be determined), and we plan to keep you updated on our Grand Adventure every step of the way! So look for daily blog updates, which will also include behind the scenes video and pics. 😀

Gotta go pack – TTFN!



  1. I’ll be praying for you all.

    Matthew W.

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