Posted by: watchmancinema | May 19, 2011

Director of “The Child” Radio Interview

Grace Tate, Director of “The Child,” interviewed with Kevin Swanson on “Generations Radio” this week, discussing the making of “The Child,” the status of parental rights, and how Americans are responding to it. Mr. Swanson also explains the impact of family life on our culture, examining how this may truly be the defining issue of our day. It’s a thought provoking discussion!

Note: Run time is approximately 1 hour; no commercial breaks; Grace joins the program about halfway through.



  1. I am trying to purchase 25 copies of the Child DVD’s..I have tried buying from the child website, no luck, I have tried emailing the child website. no luck. Very frustrating. How can I purchase these DVD’s? Please email me direct with the info.

  2. I was adding a text post to my blog and I hit post but it was slow and then my computer froze and Firefox crashed. So I went back on Tumblr expecting it to be posted and it wasn’t. There wasn’t any yellow retrieve post line either when I opened my dash. Is there a way I can get it back without re-typing it because I don’t remember it all.

    • Dear Margaret,
      We feel your pain! Unfortunately, we have not received any other message from you, which means there is no way to retrieve your lost text. We’re so sorry for your frustration.

      Watchman Cinema Support

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