The Home Campaign

Here are three initial ideas we have for the general public to get involved:

1) Stay updated. Sign up for email updates by sending a blank email to

2) Spread the word.

3) Volunteer to host/organize a screening November 20th. The United Nations has declared November 20th to the Universal Children’s Day, and we want to help them celebrate. 😀 In honor of the day, we’re planning to release the documentary across the nation  – but we need your help to do so. Do you know a church, community center, theater,  or school gym in your area that could be used to screen a movie? Email us at:

Update: Those who sign up to host a screening will be sent info packets and a sneak preview of “The Child” late-September. These can be used to share information with others, as well as secure a venue for the screening. Even if you are unsure about hosting a screening, send us your information and we will send you a packet in September.!

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