Posted by: watchmancinema | August 23, 2010

Mystery Picture


Hey everyone! We are currently on the road to an interview in Nashville, TN, though we are still staying in Atlanta. It’s a 4 hour drive between the two places, so we’ll be on the road awhile. By the way, we want to thank you all for all of your prayer and support as we’ve been on this tour. It absolutely does work, and it’s a huge blessing. Speaking of the tour, this begins our last week of the trip! In some ways it feels like forever since we’ve seen our families, etc., but in other ways I can hardly believe we’re on the home stretch! Anyways, we are so thankful to the Lord for the way He’s brought and continues to bring us through.

Okay, here’s a little game: You may have noticed that the above picture is not so clear [and no, it’s not modern art]. This is a very interesting shot that one of our crew photographers took on this trip. The game I want to play is that I will give you all a few choices of where this could potentially be and one of them will be the right answer [You know, the kind of test that gave you hope in school]. Anyways, if you think you know where this is, or you just want to do it the way I always did and pick which one sounds the coolest, then leave your answer as a comment here, and I will declare the first two correct guesses the winners! Okay, here’s the choices:

a. The Shedd Aquarium.

b. Washington D.C.

c. Cincinnati, Ohio

d. Chicago, Illinois

e. None of the above



  1. Chicago, Illinois?

  2. Cincinnati? I dunno.:D

  3. The “shedd aquarium”?

  4. Okay ladies and gents…….we hereby declare Ms. Sarah as the winner of the mystery picture contest. She correcty guessed Cincinnati, Ohio as our mystery location. Congratulations!

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