Posted by: watchmancinema | August 16, 2010

Finally a day off…

Hi There,

Gina, the Roadshow Mom, here. We’ve been on the move for the past four days staying a different place every night. We were recipients of some gracious hospitality in Chicago and Wisconsin, our thanks to the Callentines and the Williams Families! It was wonderful to visit with your families and not sleep in another hotel. The interviews went very well and were more than worth the effort of the drive. We did a little sightseeing between interviews in Chicago and visited the Shedd Aquarium (photos to follow). In Wisconsin we enjoyed some great local burgers  from North Shore Bar and Grill. We even walked along and in Lake Michigan! We attended a great service at Racine Bible Church and hit the road again for a late interview in Cincinnati. Now we are  in KY for a rest before we strike out on another 5 day run. Hopefully one of the more techy team members will follow  this post with photos of our travels. I just wanted to let you know where we’ve been since we’ve been incommunicado. Good night, good rest, God Bless



  1. Hey Gina the Roadshow Mom!
    What a fantastic adventure you guys must be having! And what a great work you are doing! I love reading the blog, and looking at all your pictures, and seeing your progress. (It helps to remind me to pray for you.)
    Love and Gods blessings!

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