Posted by: watchmancinema | August 11, 2010

First From the Film Tour

Here we are as we set out on Sunday August 8th

Hey guys! Allow me to introduce myself….. I’m Daniel H., a crew member of “The Child” documentary

and I’m going to be one of the people keeping you all up to date on our progress, adventures, and even some behind the scenes “road life” info. During the past few days we’ve been through Virginia, West Va, Maryland, and Ohio. Great states one and all.

Beautiful Mountains 🙂

The Lord has blessed us and we are doing well and working as a team. Our first interview for this trip was in Ohio and it was a great kick off due to the fact that we got to use a REAL t.v. studio at a university!

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Kumbaya time 😉

A camera spying on a camera........

After that interview, we hit the road and started up out of Ohio toward our next stop on the route. Last night we hit the hotel around 1:15 am, and we dropped into bed. Today there were no scheduled interviews, so we used it to rest up and do office work from the hotel. Speaking of hotels, am I the only one who can easily get lost inside one? We’ve been staying in a few of the same chain and I am constantly mixing one hotel with another and found myself wandering down a hallway sure that I was headed for the elevator when, in fact, it was right behind me! :-/ Oh well, I’ll make a map…. Well hey, I’d better turn in for the night, but keep a lookout for more posts soon! We thank you guys for your support and appreciate all of your prayers!

~Daniel 🙂



  1. Hey guys! Nice post! I’m so excited for ya’ll and that everythings going well.:)

  2. Hey y’all!! Nice hearing from you. Still praying for you.

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