Posted by: watchmancinema | July 29, 2010

NYC and D.C.

Our crew has completed a trip to NYC collecting footage and two interviews with amazing moms! It was an unforgettable experience – especially when almost nothing went according the plan! Perhaps we should just plan on that, though. 😉

Look for a soon-to-be-released treat — some sneak peaks of the interviews we have already collected!

Now “The Child” crew has moved on to Washington, D.C., interviewing congressional co-sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment and also capturing scenic footage. Several Representatives and Senators have graciously fit us into their schedule, even though the House adjourns tomorrow! If we had known that their August recess had been extended, we certainly wouldn’t have planned interviews on this weekend. But we press on, knowing that the greater the difficulty and unlikelihood of something, the greater glory for the Lord! Several times we have been told that it is remarkable that we have been able to get as many Congressmen to interview as we have.

Next week The Child film crew (TCFC) will be in D.C. once again, interviewing leaders of the Parental Rights movement, experts, Senators, and a lady with a remarkable testimony. Stay tuned!

P.S. – Hopefully we’ll upload some pictures of our adventures soon!



  1. I really appreciate all the updates along the way, and look forward to those pictures. Praying for you guys. god bless!

  2. Woot keep it up!!!! Any way I can come to the press conference????

  3. Well, opposition or difficult “coincidences” are to be expected when you’re going the right direction! The UN isn’t the real problem, just the manifestation of someone else’s attempts to destroy the family.

    Praying for coverage!

  4. Hello Larry,
    Great to meet you all at The National Press Club. Did you enjoy the food at the Food Court?
    Let us know if you need any help getting around in D.C.

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